Universal Speed Rating is the standard to measure, track, and improve your speed. 

The USR was created over a span of multiple years with some of the top sports scientists, coaches, and athletes in youth, college, and professional sports.

You will need to attend an event where the USR is utilized, work with a USR sponsored coach, or purchase a STATSports GPS tracker at a reduced rate. 

The USR is calculated by an algorithm using acceleration, velocity, power, and other data points. We are constantly iterating our technology to provide athletes with the most accurate rating.

Since the USR includes your acceleration, velocity, and power data to provide a ranking, we recommend drills and training programs to work on your deficiencies in these areas. Visit our social media pages for easy to understand videos on each of these pillars of speed.

A Verified USR has been submitted by a certified USR Coach or received digitally from a STATSports GPS tracker.  An “Estimated” USR has been pulled from publicly available data or submitted as an “Estimate” by a certified USR Coach.  

The USR score is based on a multi-factor algorithm that is grounded in Sports Science and the experience of elite coaches.  The USR aspires to provide some of the best training resources to our members through our education.